Zombie Affair: NFT

Zombie Affair

Zombie Affair is a collection of 1111 uniquely generated NFTs Zombies on the Solana.
Some Zombies are rarer than others depending on the attributes they have.

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Stage 1: Social media

  • Launch website
  • Create social networks for NFT zombie followers
  • Start marketing campaigns and make promotional offers
  • Stage 2: Creation

  • Get out of the graves 1,111 Unique Zombies on the Solana blockhain
  • Stage 3: Launch

  • Launch collection using a candy machine
  • Listing on Solana marketplaces
  • Stage 4: Events

  • Airdrop rare zombies for giveaway winners
  • 30% of all royalties will be granted to Zombie holders on the week basis
  • The community will decide where some of the money goes: giveaways, donations, floor sweeping, marketing
  • Stage 5: Zombie Club

  • Launch the special channels for verified zombie holders
  • Create exclusive club atmosphere
  • Members get chance to vote on the future of the project specifics
  • Stage 6: Game

  • The release of a P2E game in which zombies will fight against humans
  • The goal of the game is to capture the city
  • All your NFT zombies will be imported into the game